Mommy and Me BootCamp

Wednesday 9:20am

A high intensity class that includes interval training, cardio drills, strength and endurance training, and flexibility for total body fitness. All fitness levels are welcome. Modifications are provided for prenatal and postnatal.


Mommy and Me FitCore

A stretch, strengthening, and stabilizing fusion class that incorporates Pilates, Yoga, Barre Work, Dance, and Core Conditioning to help with the physical challenges of parenting. Good for babywearing moms and expectant mothers too!.


Mommy and Me Barre

Monday 9:20am

A barre class that offers a unique combination of ballet, Pilates, and overall fitness. It's a blend of grace and strength building

movements that target the total body and leave you feeling long, lean, and strong. Improve your balance, core, strength, flexibility, and posture all while bonding with your little one!


Mommy and Me Pilates

Class follows a system of controlled exercises that engage to the mind and condition the total body. It blends strength and flexibility to improve posture, reduce stress, and create long, lean muscles. This class is designed to get work your core and redefine abdominal strength, posture, balance, and alignment post pregnancy! 


Baby to 5k

Saturday 9:20am

Class will get you 5K ready with your little one in tow. Class will provide all Baby to 5K class participants with a fantastic training schedule, check in throughout the week, and on the day of class you will be completing a great route provided for you through Haddonfield and tips on correct stroller running posture, and how to keep your child happy, safe, and occupied.


Mommy and Me Power Cardio and Stretch

Power Cardio and Stretch will involve 30 minutes of high intensity intervals with 10-15 minutes of stretching after. It is high energy and action packed to start your week on the right foot! It's time to spice up your cardio workout, get your heart pumping, and burn some calories. The end of class will be focused on increasing flexibility and range or motion while building the muscle and balance needed to use your flexibility.

Kid Centric


Fitness4U Kid

This class is specifically designed for your toddler/preschooler to learn how to follow directions, listen to the instructor,

and get moving! Kids will be asked to follow simple movements and simple drills. We believe in the importance of

teaching active, positive lifestyles. We will work on agility, balance, coordination, and strength. Parent participation

encouraged, but not required.


Tumbling and Movement

Wednesday 10:15am, 12:30pm

This class teaches fundamentals of tumbling and movement for children ages 3-5.  The program is designed to improve coordination, balance, strength, rhythm and cognitive skills through beginning tumbling and movement skills.  We will introduce forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and walkovers.Through movement, children will be able to express themselves creatively.  And through body awareness, children will be able to create a mind, body connection so important to controlling their actions and listening to directions. 


First Class Back

First Class Back is a great way to begin your postpartum workout routine! It will give you the skills and the confidence needed to start getting fit for parenthood! It is low impact and fun! A fitness routine will help you boost your energy, burn calories, reduce stress, and get you in shape!


Literature and Movement

Literacy is an active process.  The brain is engaged and we believe the body should be as well!  Please join us for this 8 week session that provides physical activity to learning basic foundational reading strategies.  It's been proven that physical activity can increase motivation to learn as well as decrease anxiety and lower stress in academic situations.  All reading levels and child fitness levels are welcome.  Skills we will focus on in conjunction with your child’s gross motor skills are: rhyming, letter and sound recognition, one to one matching, sequencing, awareness of print, and comprehension.


Mommy and Me Tumbling

Wednesday 10:15am

This class is for ages 18 months to 36 months accompanied by a caretaker or guardian. It is designed to teach basic foundations of gymnastics in a fun and encouraging class structure. Little gymnasts will work on coordination skills, flexibility, gross motor skills, social interactions, taking turns, and listening skills.


Math and Movement

Tuesdays 1pm

Please join us for a class that provides physical activity to learning basic foundational math strategies.  It's been proven that physical activity can increase motivation to learn as well as decrease anxiety and lower stress in academic situations.  All math levels and child fitness levels are welcome.  Skills we will focus on in conjunction with your child’s gross motor skills are: number recognition, counting, patterns, adding up and subtracting, measurement, spatial sense, and problem solving.