Frequently Asked Questions


Is my child too old/too young?

All of our mommy and me classes are mom-centric.  As soon as you are cleared to workout, you can attend classes.  We have a range of ages from a few weeks old through school aged children.  It is a time when your children can play independently, play with each other, or join in!  

What do I need to bring with me?

We supply all workout gear (ie mats, weights, bands, etc).  You just need to bring water and whatever you need for your little one (ie milk, snacks, diapers, wipes, a blanket).

What do the children do during our workout?

They have a play date!  If they are little, they can hang and observe via tummy time, a carrier, or we have a few swings and chairs.  If they are older, we have some toys they can use to play independently or with each other.  They are also more than welcome to join in on our workout!

Do I need a jogging stroller for outdoor workouts?

No!  Any stroller or carrier will do.  You can also bring a mat or let your older ones ride bikes or play on the playground if you are comfortable with that.

Can I come if I am pregnant?

Yes and we strongly encourage it!  The health benefits to moving while pregnant are huge!  All of our instructors are trained in perinatal fitness and can provide modifications for you to keep you comfortable and safe during our workouts!

Do I need to sign up first?

No!  Drop in anytime!  We love adding to our fitness community and your first class is FREE!


What if my baby is hungry, cries, needs to be changed?

It's all part of the workout!  Gets your blood pumping and you just stop to meet your child's needs and go back to the group instruction when ready.  We all understand and are supportive because we are all moms!

Do I have to bring my children to all the classes?

No!  Is your child in school during our classes, but you love working out with moms and our fabulous instructors!?  We still love working out with you, too!  The class is mom-centric, so no need to bring your little one every time!

How do I pay for classes?

We accept cash or check made to Fitness4U at classes.  We also accept online payment of Venmo or Paypal to  You just pay per mom, not per child.  Grandmas are always free!

How do I get into Running Co of Haddonfield if the store is not open yet?

You are welcome to walk through the store during store hours, but for earlier morning classes, you enter in through the back door in the parking lot off of Mechanic Street.  The door will be open once the instructor arrives (which is usually 10-15 min prior to the start time of class).

Can anyone come to a Mom's Night Out!?

Of course!  We are super inclusive and love our mom community!  All are welcome - weather you come to class every day or have only been once!  It's always good to get out to have some kid free conversations!

Where do I park?

There is street parking in the surrounding neighborhoods for free, or metered parking on King's Highway and surrounding parking lots.